Within the world's largest and oldest shopping mall,  the Grand Bazaar, a mysterious and magnificent building with its thick 15th century walls, domed ceilings and historical texture, a half a century old  Ottoman restaurant ,  HAVUZLU RESTAURANT...

Founded in 1959, it is the first and area-wise the largest restaurant in the bazaar. The name Havuzlu (means with a pool/fountain in Turkish) was derived from the small sprinkling fountain, a popular novelty then. Initially opened as an alcohol serving restaurant it was renovated in 2001 and brought to its current state under a new management. It has taken its rightful place in all respected holiday guides, and world media both with its 5.5 age old structure and its Turkish-Ottoman cuisine.

Bahar Restaurant, a small and cozy meeting point right by the Nuruosmaniye Gate (Gate No.1) has maintained its charm and popularity among local trades- and businessmen for over 25 years thanks to Burhan and Ilhan SARIŞEN brothers’ 40 years experience in restaurant management.
The brothers have successfully transferred their expertise inside the Bazaar when they took over the management of the Havuzlu Restaurant, followed by extensive refurbishment and decoration. .
Since 2001 Bahar-Havuzlu has been serving its unique tastes and approved quality (ISO 9011) in its spacious, two-story structure, capable of accommodating 180 visitors, within the Grand Bazaar. Clients have the privilege to enjoy delicious specialties of Turkish-Ottoman kitchen under the high domes and arches of an authentic building providing a comfortable atmosphere reverberating reverence for history and Ottoman art with its walls decorated with paintings.

The upper floor of the restaurant was redecorated in 2012 as an Ottoman style coffee house under the name, Ottoman Kahvehanesi (coffee house in Turkish).
Special gift items and Grand Bazaar memorabilia are exclusively sold here alongside hot and cold beverages.
When you enter the street of the restaurant you are initially greeted by the namesake sprinkling fountain subsequently by the parrot Rifki, an integral part of the place. The friendly staff, unchanged since the opening, hospitably directs you towards the food display. Everyday clients have the choice of 25 kinds of ready-to-eat dishes, soups, salads, kebabs and, restaurant’s specialty, beğendili kebap (best translated as meat dishes served on coal grilled aubergine-based puree).  Following your order you are accompanied to your table where you can enjoy your delicious meal, the distinctive atmosphere and fine examples of the classical Ottoman music. You have the tempting notion of finalizing your meal with a wide variety of freshly prepared desserts. You can choose to enjoy your dessert and hot beverage in the upstairs Ottoman coffee house with the added benefit of an enchanting aura.

The coffee house opens at 9:00 for those who want to start their Grand Bazaar journey early with a coffee. Food is served in the restaurant between 11:00 and 17:00. The coffee house stays open until 19:00. So whenever you feel hungry, thirsty or simply need a break from the hustle and bustle of the Bazaar, just come along to Havuzlu...
With a decoration worth seeing, dishes worth tasting and the belief that people always deserve the best, the Havuzlu Restaurant & Kahvehanesi continues to welcome guests into a world of delicious traditional tastes of the famous Turkish-Ottoman kitchen and put happy smiles onto the visitors’ faces.


Adres: Gani Çelebi Sok. (PTT yanı)  No: 3 Kapalıçarşı   İstanbul - Türkiye
Tel: + 90 212 527 33 46 Faks: +90 212 528 16 54